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My story, my experience, my passion

My name is Patryk Hrycak and I am a certified personal trainer, motor preparation trainer. I completed my master's degree at the Academy of Physical Education. I am currently studying physiotherapy at the University of Rehabilitation. I have gone from not being a very physically fit guy to a person who is satisfied with his physique, health and training results. I have several years of experience in taking care of my body and health, as well as practising sports intensively. All this has helped me to get rid of many complexes and has transformed me into a person full of energy and satisfied with my lifestyle. 

On a daily basis, I work with people who have different goals (such as: improvement of the silhouette and health, increasing the level of motricity, reduction of pain in the body, preparation for fitness tests and sports competitions). They range from beginners to high-level athletes. I approach my work with passion and complete professionalism!

If you wish, I will show you how to set the right path to achieve your goal.




Taekwon-do ITF Budapest World Cup cat. -70kg, Kick-Light European Cup cat. -74kg, Low-Kick European Cup cat. -75kg, Polish Open Kick-boxing Cup ...


Completed courses

Sports Acrobatic Instructor (Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw), Bodybuilding Instructor (Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw), Personal Coach (Strenght Coach Certification), Motor Preparation Coach (Elite Performance Institute) ...


More information about me

See what you can achieve

Thanks to our cooperation


Improvement of health

Improve the functioning of the body, eliminate pains and improve well-being.


Reduction of body fat 

You can safely achieve a reduction of excess fat without yo-yo effect.


Increasing muscle mass

Achieve muscle growth in a reasonable time without excessive fat gain.


Firm thighs ans buttocks

In the individually selected set of exercises you will finally get your dream shape.


Break the stagnation

Get the effects back on track.



Improve your sports performance 

Increase your body's performance to get better results in your sport.


Start working with a competent trainer 

Working with me ensures that you achieve your goal through:


  • Constant contact
  • My individual approach to you
  • Clear explanation how to achieve your goal
  • Understanding the different stages of cooperation
  • Ongoing monitoring of your progress on the training platform
  • Summary of the results obtained




Opinions of my trainees

They speak for themselves


I highly recommend cooperation with Patryk, because Patryk approaches everyone individually and very effectively. Patryk makes training plans that focus on training the whole body with emphasis on the areas that require most work. At every training I feel safe and I don't worry about getting injured because I am under the supervision of a real specialist. After each workout I feel motivated and satisfied with the results already achieved.
Apart from being a trainer, Patryk is also a friend with whom you can talk about any topic (which results in a great atmosphere during trainings.
Patryk is a combination of a coach, a motivator and a friend. He has a lot of patience during training. He approaches his trainees professionally and individually :) at the end of training you count the hours to the next one :) During a few months of cooperation I not only achieved the expected results, but also eliminated my posture defects.

Thanks to him I feel healthier, stronger, more confident and more beautiful :)
I warmly recommend Patryk, he very much supports and motivates his trainees to act, which was very important for me.

The plans have been very well adjusted to my preferences and in case of any problems I had, Patryk reacted quickly.
I also cared very much about the communication, which was really on call. And the effects that I wanted to achieve, i.e. to improve the weak aspects and increase the strength, were just what I expected.
A great coach, a person with great knowledge and commitment. Always helpful and available. Has a huge spiritual building block in moments of doubt. Thanks to the strength training I lost a lot of cm in my waist, hips etc, so my figure has improved a lot.

I highly recommend!
I practice with Patryk three times a week. After each meeting, I feel that I have used my time well and that I have done a professional training tailored to my needs and abilities. At the same time I know that I increase my strength and improve my fitness. Patryk is a trainer by vocation. He makes sure that all elements of the exercise are done properly. He approaches each client individually - not only does he require, but also appreciates the progress, he motivates.

I am very happy to cooperate with such a committed and professional trainer!


Your are still wondering?

Bet on individual cooperation and finally see real results!


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First free consultation

It is a meeting held in an intimate gym in Warsaw or an online conversation where we will have the opportunity to meet and talk about your expectations.

What you get:

Training-nutrition-medical interview

Discussion of the objective

Presentation of how to achieve the objective