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Improvement of health

Improve the functioning of the body, eliminate pains and improve well-being.

Reduction of body fat

You can safely achieve a reduction of excess fat without yo-yo effect.

Increasing muscle mass

Achieve muscle growth in a reasonable time without excessive fat gain.

Firm thighs and buttocks

In an individually selected set of exercises, you finally get the shapes you dream of.

Break the stagnation

You'll get a new effect.

Improve your sports performance 

Increase your body's performance to get better results in your sport.


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First conversation

I start my cooperation with the first conversation and getting to know each other. We should trust each other. I'll want to know what kind of life you live, how you eat and if you have health problems. You will tell me about yourself what you would like to achieve. I will know your expectations and possibilities. At the end of the conversation we will arrange the first training together.

First training

The first training together will allow us to test our mutual understanding. I will show you the first sets of exercises selected for you. I'll check how you're doing and give you some initial tips.

Training plan

After the first training, if you want me to be your trainer, we will establish the rules of permanent cooperation. I will draw up a training plan for you and a proposal for a menu that takes into account the achievement of your training goal.

Monthly report

At the end of each month of cooperation, I will prepare a summary of your achievements to date. I will present a way to solve possible problems with diet and exercise. If necessary, I will correct the training plan and diet accordingly.

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Health training, correctional training
Training for fat reduction
Training to build muscle mass
Training to build muscle strength
Endurance training
Training to build firm thighs and buttocks
Training for pregnant women
Boxing training
Kickboxing training
Motor Preparation


Health training, correctional training

It is a training aimed at improving posture, strengthening weakened muscles, developing, activating the organs of movement and increasing the range of mobility in the joints. During the training we will correct posture defects such as: round back, flat feet, knee bowing, scoliosis, lumbar lordosis, etc. With properly selected exercises you will not only gain health and better mood, but you will also deal with pain and body dysfunctions, reduce the risk of injuries.


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